Sunday, September 26, 2010

Among the dwellers in this little-known land

A short time since I received a well-printed but mysterious booklet, entitled: _Tri L. Zamenhofin kansainvalinen apukieli Esperanto. Kielioppi seka Esimerkki ja Harjoitussarja. Suomenkielelle

At first I thought it was some new mysterious Volapuk, but soon discovered that brethren in the _Land of Lakes and Marshes_ now have their own Esperanto textbook (72 pages, 1s.).

Up to the present there are not many Esperantists in Finland, and those who already exist must, doubtless, have learned from the Swedish Textbook of Dr. Henriclundquest.

It is now to be hoped that our Army will gain many recruits among the dwellers in this little-known land.

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