Monday, December 20, 2010

At present Finland is a terra incognita

My friend was not singular in his idea, for they are probably those of most people in England. At present Finland is a terra incognita, though fortunately not likely to remain one. Nevertheless, it will probably take years to eradicate a notion that one of the most attractive and advanced countries in Europe, possessed in summer of the finest climate in the world, is not the eternal abode of poverty, cold, and darkness.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

From the recesses of Finland

When the King had prepared his ship, he removed all his army from the capital to Eidsvags; afterwards he himself returned to the city, where he remained some nights, and then set out for Herlover. Here all the troops, both from the Northern and Southern districts, assembled, as is described in the Ravens-ode, which Sturla sung.

From the recesses of Finland, bands, keen for battle, sought the potent Ruler of the storm of Javelins. The boisterous deep, that girds this earth, bore the ships of the Protector of thrones west from the streams of Gotelfa.