Thursday, July 9, 2015

Smartest Finlander he had ever met

Even above Charlie's vigorous finger-snapping and grunting, Hi-dice could tell that Finn was becoming talkative. Ham was asking short questions. Finn was giving long replies.

How many hours were they working?

They weren't working, just now. Had some other important affairs to settle.

Were the Wobblies active in these parts?

Certainly. A Wobbly was always active. Maybe underground, but working all the same.

For Hi-dice results were slow. The way Finn kept up a continual snickering at every remark of Ham's, it was hard to keep cool and patient. He heard Ham call him the smartest Finlander he had ever met. Finn's self-satisfied chuckle caused him to toss short and miss his point. It irritated him that the dice should go to Charlie just when he was beginning to pile up a few quarters and half dollars. Past Charlie's head he could see that Finn had his arm draped about Ham's shoulder.