Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Finlander drew another card

A young Finlander came into Montana one day,  and like other precocious youths fancied that he understood the game of poker. There was no  trouble finding a gentleman who was willing to afford him a little amusement, and who knew of a  retired room where the cards could be shufifled without molestation.

The game was strictly for cash, and progressed with varying fortune for about an hour. Then the tricky man concluded it was time to shake things up. So he provided himself with a full hand and gave the Finlander two pair. There was thirteen  dollars in the pot. He drew one card.

It was not intended that the Finlander should  have more than two pair, but the dealer made a botch and gave him an ace, making three aces and  two kings. The mistake was discovered in time, however, and the superfluous ace grabbed from his hand and destroyed. The Finlander drew another card, and th'is time he drew a king, making three kings and a pair of aces. When the dealer discovered that the greenhorn had him beaten out in spite of the crooked work, he settled matters by taking the pot anyway, and the final result was the Finlander had to be pried of¥ by the police.