Thursday, February 16, 2012

For some time, the Finn advanced on foot steadily beside me.

It was, then, a Finn that I saw before me ; one of that mysterious race, of which such strange tales are told among all the people of the North. In spite, however, of his wild appearance and of his almost distrustful glances, I felt at once that I should be safer under his protection than under that of a strife-loving Swede; such, for instance, as Thorvald, whom we had met as we approached the house of Nial. It was, therefore, with less anxiety than I had anticipated, that I took leave of Jarl, and set forward on my journey with my strange companion.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The mystic currents move through the air

So Ted's expert friend goes home, and Ted Brown himself goes to bed. The radio is silent and the house is still. The mystic currents move through the air, and Atlanta is whispering to Vancouver, and Helsingfors in Finland murmurs to the Hebrides. But not a sound of it comes to the darkened room. The house is still and the people are asleep and the radio machine is silent. Its programs and its announcements lie beside it on a little table, but from it there comes not a sound. The radio, hushed by the whispering currents, is asleep.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The first Baptist in Finland

From Sweden, Air. Drake gives a most pleasing account of "the first Baptist in Finland," a young Finlander who has returned to his own land, after voyaging far and travelling in India, England, and other countries; and has evidently brought with him the gospel in his heart, and is ready to make it known among his own people. "Thus," says Mr. Drake, "the Lord has opened a door in this country, for none but a Russian subject would be permitted to labour here in missionary work."