Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Finland, with its glorious recollections

The major was an old Finlander, and loved his country with all the impetuosity and enthusiasm of an ardent temper. Old Finland, with its glorious recollections, that land, intersected by thousands of rivulets and torrents, situated beyond the Baltic, whose sons (the major was one of these) did not cease to hope and to struggle until after a bloody though fruitless battle,—that land was the old man's idol, the only object to which he clung with heart and soul, and from this country he had been compelled to become a voluntary exile. After its lost idol his soul wept and fretted, and his unavailing sorrow frequently vented itself in spleen against his neighbours, for grief often makes us unjust.

The aristocrat and the pauper, from the Swedish of Uncle Adam (Dr. Carl Anton Wetterbergh)

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