Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He never tunes his throat unless when he is drunk

No part of the Finlander's success with his mistress depends upon the exertion of his vocal talents, as he never tunes his throat unless when he is drunk, and then he roars without any regard to music, of which he has very little notion; he catches, perhaps, a tune from seme passing Russian, hut he forgets it again in a few minutes.

On their wedding day, and other holidays, they wear a strange kind of dress, ornamented with embroidery of different coloured threads, and hung in every corner with glass beads, which are even wrought into the cloth. They are also fond of gold and silver ornaments, and on these occasions wear a silver gorget on their breasts. The unmarried women allow their hair to fall upon their shoulders, and have sometimes a gaudy head-dress composed of pasteboard, or some other stiff substance, studded with beads, or sparkling with lace; but after marriage they tie up their hair, and always wear upon their heads a small linen hood.

The Finlanders are a very quiet, harmless people, and, in general, treat their wives with less austerity than their neighbours the Laplanders.

Marriage Ceremonies in different Parts of the World.—No. II.

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