Monday, September 12, 2011

In the south, they are something better polished

This country is full of. lakes, the most remarkable of which is the great lake of Jende: the chief town Travastia, called also Croneburg, being in the latitude of 62 degrees odd minutes. The soil of Finland in general is barren, and the country full of lakes, bogs, and bushes; and there are scarce any villages in the inland country, the houses standing single and dispersed: but towards the south and west upon the lea coast the soil is better, and there are several good towns to be found, besides those already mentioned, which will be laid down in the map of this country. The Finlanders in the north differ but very little from the Lappomans; but in the south, being mixed with the Swedes, and trading with other nations of Europe, they are something better polished.

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