Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have had several very interesting conversations with a Finlander

June 14th. Yesterday the above mentioned young man was examined before the Church and received into fellowship. Had a very good Sabbath to my own soul, praise the Lord. Last week I met with a Captain on board of one of the coasting vessels, who appeared much interested in conversing with me on religious subjects. He said he loved to read and listen to the word of God, but that he felt that after all, all was not right with him. I had great liberty in directing him to Christ who said " come unto me all ye that labor;" and spent the time of two hours with him very pleasantly,which we concluded by both of us kneeling down on the cabin floor, imploring the spirit of truth, to lead us into his own saving truth. The Finlander I spoke of above I have found this week more humble and anxious. Have a good hope of him.

Sailor's magazine, September 1852. Naval journal, Volume 25

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