Friday, March 2, 2012

I turned over the Finlander

I uttered an exclamation of joy and surprise, which, however, no sooner escaped me than a second rush separated us again. Maddened and desperate, I threw off the market-woman, turned over the Finlander, kicked down the droschki-driver; and upsetting the whole posse, with the little chambermaid to boot, I most strenuously endeavoured to free myself from their fangs, and to dash forward and regain hold of Liesli; but all in vain. They clung to me like bees; and instead of herself, I succeeded only in gaining—her shawl. I called out her name; but my voice was completely lost amongst the multitude, and the charming apparition had vanished from my sight. My way was, in fact, so completely obstructed by the crowds of Calmucks, Wogulians, Barabinzelians, Tunguselians, Tschetschewzelians, &c. &c, that nothing further could be heard or seen of her; and I thanked Heaven that I had been happy enough even to catch the shawl.

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